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Finn Lee, born Henning Rotstein, got their start in the music industry at a young age playing to audiences around the country during the early days of the Brony Phenomenon. Drawing on their years of drum, bass, and guitar instruction, as well as classical vocal training, and inspired by this burgeoning worldwide creative community, they began to compose, produce, and release a wide body of work in a variety genres and styles.

Lee, although regularly releasing content as frequently as daily for a number of years, found themself at an emotional impasse after a stint studying economics and working retail. A fortuitous encounter with a psychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic helped them discover music as a path to joy and fulfillment. The psychiatrist also specifically encouraged Lee to investigate Berklee College of Music as a means to grow professionally and musically in a dynamic, creative environment. Months of entrance audition preparation paid off, and Lee found themself in precisely the environment needed to spark a new burst of inspiration, both musically and emotionally. Through their Berklee education, Lee has developed a wide breadth of expertise, from composition to arranging, production to engineering, and from live to studio work.

Lee has realized that the music industry, as in many other industries, is often characterized by silos and gaps between individuals with specific areas of expertise; their goal is to work within the music industry and beyond as a facilitator of interaction and creative ingenuity. In a time where many say specialization is the sure path to success, Lee has realized that their inherent versatility and desire to work across disciplines can act as a great catalyst for creation and education within music industry.

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